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Spineless Classics

Finn Family Moomintroll

book poster

Moomin, the Snork Maiden, Snufkin and many other inhabitants of Moominvalley star in this seminal book from the famous series by Tove Jansson. The first Moomin book ever to be published in English, this was originally called Trollkarlens hatt, or The Magician's Hat and tells the tale of the magical headpiece, its exchange for a giant ruby and all the exciting adventures in between. It is presented here in its entirety with two design options: either our classic silhouette style featuring Moomin himself, or with full colour illustrations, originally drawn by the author for the first edition of the book.

To order Finn Family Moomintroll:

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Add to order Framed £150.00

This design is a single sheet measuring 500 x 700mm (1911/16 in x 279/16 in). All Spineless Classics are printed on heavyweight paper in sharp, lightfast ink which will not fade.

Finn Family Moomintroll