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Pack of Postcards

with complete stories

by Rudyard Kipling

Pack of Postcards Pack of Postcards Pack of Postcards Pack of Postcards Pack of Postcards Pack of Postcards

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Our fun range of postcards feature six different classic stories on the front, and have plenty of space on the back for a message to your loved ones. They are uncoated and can be written on in any pen.

This pack comprises 18 cards - three of each of the six designs - in a small card wallet marked with the Spineless Classics logo.
This design is a set of 6 sheets, each 157 x 105mm (63/16 in x 41/8 in).
Postcards are robust enough to post and have a matte finish suitable for use with a fountain pen. This pack comprises three of each design, for 18 cards in total.

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