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red title scottish poster

by Irvine Welsh

The sweat wis lashing oafay Sick Boy; he wis trembling. So begins one of the most influential books of the 1990s. Combining a signature writing style partly in scottish slang with an unflinching description of life at the very fringes of modern society, Irvine Welsh creates a visceral, thrilling journey which leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it. Presented here in two different designs, both approved personally by the author, the complete text of this classic novel is available for the first time as a single page print.
This design is a single sheet measuring 700 x 1000mm (279/16 in x 393/8 in).
All Spineless Classics are printed on heavyweight paper in sharp, lightfast ink which will not fade.

To order Trainspotting in the red title design:

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