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Spineless Blog

Press: The Independent Book blog

Sunday, February 6th 2011

Today's Independent book blog has this to say about Spineless Classics:

Lovers of a literary bent looking for an avant-garde Valentine's Day present should know that Romeo & Juliet – the entire play printed on a single sheet – is currently 14 per cent off (£29.99) at www.spineless Each of these framed or unframed posters comprises a classic text, printed beautifully in its entirety, with a suitable illustration picked out in the gaps between the words. The range includes On The Origin of Species, Pride and Prejudice and The Complete Works of Shakespeare (not for the short sighted), but has yet to find a font small enough for War and Peace.

Obviously, they haven't looked that closely at the website as we definitely do have War and Peace - if only because it's always the first thing everyone says. "Bet you haven't done War and.. oh"

You can Read the full post here

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Press: Easy Living

Saturday, February 5th 2011

Some absolutely lovely coverage in this month's Easy Living magazine.

Easy Living article about Spineless Classics

Easy Living cover"These silhouettes of characters from What Katy Did and The Hound of the Baskervilles are formed by the entire text of each story! From Charles Dickens to Lewis Carroll, there's bound to be a poster you love. Buy one because you treasure the book, because you adore the image, because the theme is significant for a certain occasion or person, or because you want to introduce a child to a story in an entirely new way. Judging a book by its cover suddenly seems so last decade."

Beatrice Hodgkin is clearly a young lady of excellent taste. We've not only had a surge in orders but a lot more requests for some very interesting books over the past week or so. Clearly, Easy Living readers are a well-read and classy bunch.

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