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Monday, April 11th 2011

This Morning banner

I am, because I'm a generous man, going to give you one guess which prestigious television show took delivery of one of our prints last week, with a view to broadcasting its beauty through the airwaves into homes across the nation. Give up? Well, it was This Morning, bastion of early morning culture for over two decades now. Yes I had to look it up, and yes I was shocked that it's been so long given that I can remember it being new. But I digress.

It began with an email about two weeks ago, asking if we could spare a Romeo and Juliet poster for a special on wedding gifts in the run up to a certain royal matrimonial happening. Well, it was such a runaway success a the Ideal Home show we could hardly suggest a better candidate, although as one customer has pointed out, it makes a better gift for a first anniversary (paper, see?). Sorry to spoil the surprise, Wills.

Last week I drew the short straw and, nervously, braved a crowded and inconsiderate tube crowd to journey into central London and deliver a framed print into the willing arms of none other than Alison Cork (herself), an experience so unexpected that I wasn't quite sure what to say. Luckily she was gracious enough to have a meeting to get to and let me finish my confused babbling in the stairwell. Ah, well; so much for keeping my cool in front of a TV personality, eh.

The production company won't say which day the spot goes out but it's definitely some time this coming week. Spineless fans with daytime jobs will have to set the Betamax to automatic pilot to make sure they don't miss it.

Update: The spot has been uploaded onto the ITV website; you can now play spot-the-spineless-classic by watching Alison Cork's wedding gift guide online.

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