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Now on show in Foyle's

Monday, October 31st 2011

From now until November 12th, you can see a selection of our prints in the gallery at Foyle's, London's iconic, leading independent book store.

Foyle's gallery

Any booklover visiting London will tell you that Foyle's is a real landmark. It's the sort of place where the staff aren't just till jockeys but rather genuine experts in their department, from whom you'll learn almost as much as you do from their wares. There's also a fine tradition of literary events - signings of course but also lectures and discussion groups - which take place in the gallery on the third floor of the Charing Cross Road branch.

When we were offered the opportunity to be the decoration on the wall of the gallery for two weeks of course we jumped at the chance. You can now come and browse all our most popular designs - and some newer ones - in the relaxing and erudite environment that is W.G. Foyle Ltd.

Who knows? There might even be a free postcard in it for you...

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