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Gift Tokens

If you just can't figure out which title is the best for somebody you love, let them decide for themselves!

What's so great about gift tokens?

Tokens are perfect every time
No need to ask awkward questions ahead of time about which one is somebody's favourite - let them have fun choosing!
Tokens don't have to be spent all in one go.
If only part of the token is required to complete an order, the remaining value will be held until it's needed. Equally, a token can be used in part payment, like a discount voucher, with the balance paid in the normal way.
Tokens don't expire
They'll be valid forever for purchases through the website. The only time we can't accept them is in person, for example at trade fairs or festivals.
Tokens are valid alongside other offers
When redeeming a gift token you can also put in a valid discount code and use them together to maximise your buying power!
Tokens are easy and convenient
You can download a PDF with the code right away, or we'll send a physical card with your special message inside.

How much should I give?

Have a look around the site to get a feel for our prices, but as a rough guide, £20.00 will give a choice of 22 different designs and £50.00 is more than most of our range.

How do I buy a token?

Just put in the value you want to spend here £ and click .