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Romeo and Juliet for Valentine's

Closeup of Romeo and Juliet on a single pageI'm not going to lie to you. There is absolutely no way I would normally spend part of a Saturday afternoon in January fretting about Valentine's day. Of course the only reason I'm blogging about it is because I recently spent about twice as long as I should have done crafting a really great Romeo and Juliet poster and, dammit, nothing would make me happier than if people actually ordered the thing.

I know your inbox is full of exhortations to visit this and that restaurant or jewellery shop (I know this because mine is too). But some things last longer than a salad and a bottle of chianti. Some things are beautiful without being shallow and actually get better when you look at them up close. And now I think about it, people encouraging us to buy stuff just because it's that time of year doesn't have to be a depressing experience; sometimes we need to stop being so cynical and take the prompt to do something really special for somebody we love. Because otherwise Feb 14th will just be another dreary Monday with people sneezing on your shoulder on the bus to work. And nobody wants that to happen.

Oh, just to show willing, I've also done a run of Pride and Prejudice as a special Valentine's discount. You can thank me later.

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