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magic poster

by Neil Gaiman

Cutout Enlarged Lifestyle

This design comprises a single B1 size sheet measuring 700 x 1000mm (279/16 in x 393/8 in)

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All Spineless Classics are printed on heavyweight paper in sharp, lightfast ink which will not fade.

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Every nine years, the ordinary village of Wall plays host to a very unusual and magical fair. It's a glimpse of a nearby but very different world to which young Tristran Thorne feels inexorably drawn. On an impulsive quest into Faerie he will meet avaricious witches, flying pirates and fantastical creatures of every kind and - who knows - may even find out more about hiimself than he bargained for. Neil Gaiman's delightful fantasy adventure is a rich journey for the imagination and one which has been made into an equally charming film. For the first time it is now presented in its entirety on one page

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